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Due to his busy travelling agenda, Darby has delegated his Mysore class program
To Terri McCollum and Yaelle Wittes who will continue the morning Mysore classes
at the location of their choice which is Ashtanga Montreal on Ste-Catherine street.

Until September, Darby will teach at Equilibrium whenever he is in Montreal.
His last class will be on Friday, September 1st


100-Hour Teacher Training
July 6th - 20th

For more information, please visit our Costa Rica page.
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100-Hour Teacher Training
February 2nd- 16th

For more information, please visit our Costa Rica page.
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Introduction to Pranayama

The practice of pranayama is the gateway to the realm of inner yogic experiences.
Whether you have much experience, are new to yoga, or have a history and experience with
working energetically, this workshop will be of great benefit, learning invaluable skills to connect to
and create positive shifts in the interwoven Inner Dimensions, and gain experiential motivation to create
a lasting desire for inner wellness.

Shankara is born to a family of Yogis in India, has since maintained a ceaseless quest for personal expansion,
trains teachers in the Ashtanga method, his workshops carry depth, adaptability, and are a transformative force.

What we will cover over the weekend:
· Learning to work towards steady and comfortable posture.
· The basics of Pranayama methodology.
· Learning to proceed safely, at different levels of intensity, and finding our boundaries.
· Using basic knowledge of energetic pathways to set intentions and return to a natural flow
through regular practice.
· Taking the time to get in touch with the subtlety of the energetic process.
· The practice of Pranayama as a part of daily life and how we can work in accordance with yogic tradition.
· We are not all ready to devote hours each day to this divine practice, but integrating even a little parcel into
our daily routine can go a long way.

Introduction to Pranayama November 24-25, 2018


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Ashtanga Yoga Level 2
January 21st to April 8th, 2019
Mondays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

This course will be a continuation to the Introduction course, furthering the study of Ashtanga principles and foundations.
and how they apply to a longer and deepening practice.
Ideally, participation in a previous introduction to Ashtanga course will prepare for this course, but a familiarity with the practice of Ashtanga yoga is the basic requirement.

to register, please contact Shankara Darby:


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