For Newcomers

Join a level 1 or Hatha yoga class if you are not familiar with
the ashtanga yoga practice.
Please show up 5 to 10 minutes before the class to register
No need to register ahead of time.
If you do not own a yoga mat, you can rent one at the studio.
If it is your first class, the yoga mat will be included in the class fee.
Showers are available at the studio. If you intend to use it, bring your own towel.

Sattva Yoga Shala Etiquette

: -Please turn off cell phones\Pagers as you enter the
: Studio
: -Bring your valuables (wallet, purse, etc.) into the
: classroom. We are not responsible for lost or stolen
: articles.
: - Please refrain from using perfumes and colognes before
: class as some students can be sensitive to these stronger
: smells.
: -It is suggested you don’t drink water during your yoga
: practice so drink plenty one hour before the class.
: -Also, it is good not to eat too soon before a class,
: ideally leaving two to three hours between the class and
: your most recent meal.
: -If you have injuries or issues the teacher should know
: about, please be responsible and inform the teacher before
: the class.
: -Physical adjustments will take place during the yoga
: practice and we assume you have no problems with this. If
: you would rather not be adjusted physically, for whatever
: reason, let the teacher know before class. He\She will
: respect your choice.
: -Have respect for yourself, your classmates, your body and
: your limitations.

Mysore Class Etiquette

: -It is expected that you follow the sequence without adding
: or subtracting postures.
: -Variations can be given in the case that a posture is not
: possible for the time being.
: -When the teacher feels you would be ready to proceed into
: the second series postures, it will be taught to you
: individually and gradually. Please refrain from performing
: the asana of the second series randomly as there are risks
: to doing this. Be patient and allow the progression through
: the practice to be gradual.
: Feedback from you  is valuable and appreciated, please
: feel free to let us know about your experience here at
: Sattva Yoga Shala.