200 Hour teacher training
with Shankara, Darby and special guests
July 2022 - May 2023

Aspiring to greatly deepen your understanding of the Ashtanga Practice, it’s influence on the yoga in North America and gain the tools and skills to share it with others in a safe and trusting way?
Looking to develop your yoga practice within a traditional framework while taking a journey of self-discovery and personal growth?
This course is for anyone with a genuine interest in learning.

To register please contact:
Shankara: alchemyoga@yahoo.com

Course content:

The greater part of this course will cover material on The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga methodology

     -Breathing, Bandha/Posture, Gaze and Vinyasa Krama.
Understanding the importance of these principles, their role in the good development of the physical practice, and also how they bring steady development and harmony of all aspects of being.

Exploring the sequencing of the Mysore Ashtanga Tradition along with other posture sequences from the same traditional source, to carry these roots into your practice and teaching.

     -Preventing and dealing with injury, both in ourselves and in others through good understanding of yoga asana and body mechanics. This will involve a study of the basics of fascial meridians and their role in bio-mechanics.
     -We will develop an eye for reading into another’s posture and alignment within the practice.
     -An in depth study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and other pertinent texts.
     -Developing sensitivity through touch and learning the art of making adjustments with healing hands.
     -Communication and the art of teaching. Learning to transmit basic knowledge of the practice within the context of a guided class.
     -Meditation and awareness through movement.
     -Basics of nutrition and healthy living.
     -And much more…

Darby and Shankara have been giving Teacher Trainings together for over 15 years, in Montreal and internationally, and create both a deep and concentrated learning experience, as well as an enjoyable environment to explore and grow together.


13 weekends and bi-weekly meetings on Zoom (dates to be announced)

July 16-17

August 6-7

August 27-28

September 24-25

October 8-9

October 22-23

November 12-13

December 10-11

January 14-15

February 18-19

March 4-5

April 1-2

May 6-7

2700$ +tx if you register before June 17th, 2022
         3000$ +tx after June 17th
A 500$ deposit will be required to reserve your space

Sattva Yoga Shala is registered with
the Yoga Alliance (RYS).
At the end of the course, if the student
has fulfilled all the requirements required,
he will receive a 200-hour Certificate
of yoga training which is recognized by
the Yoga Alliance of North America.